Charlie Murphy - Player

I love going to dodgeball because it is great and easy way to be able to socialise while having fun with both friends and the coaches. It is an enjoyable way to play sport and do exercise. Mavericks dodgeball is a friendly and cheerful sports team. 

Angela Walker - Parent

Hartlepool Mavericks dodgeball club we love it! Such a great bunch of kid's who have great fun whilst exercising every week 😀. Fantastic coaching staff who really engage with the kid's and encourage them to to work as part of a team

Louise Dent - Parent

Mavericks is just such a fantastic club to be part of. The kids love it. My daughter adores dodgeball and loves doing the competitions , her confidence has massively improved since joining the team and she loves going to practice. The coaches are lovely, professional and kind , they make my daughter feel included even if she can’t play due to health issues, by letting her referee. Thank you Mavericks x

Sarah-Jane Caine - Player

Playing for Mavericks has been amazing! I have played for over 2 years now and recently transitioned into adult leagues. I think the club has a friendly atmosphere and it is now a massive part of my life.

Wimslow Wasps Dodgeball - Club

A massive success which is absolutely deserved!

Kelly Cairns

Having witnessed some awful behaviour from other coaches and players at games, it makes you appreciate how good this club is. Each and every player demonstrates sportsmanship, calmness and professionalism on court, they always behave as champions.


Katherine Parker - Player

Dodgeball works as a stress reliever for my son. Throwing the ball seems to relieve all of his stress and tension and he has so much fun doing it. The sports hall is filled with laughter each and every dodgeball session and what more can we ask for than our kids having fun whilst getting active.

Chris Wayper - Player

I've played dodgeball with this club since it started and even though I don't like socialising much the club have always made me feel welcome. I always look forward to playing.

Colin Kish - Parent

My son never really took to any of the “mainstream” sports at school. He did however really enjoy dodgeball, so finding Hartlepool Mavericks was a real gem! Playing in competitive games has really enhanced his confidence. Thanks to all the excellent Mavericks coaching staff.

Rachel Lee - Parent

Mavericks Dodgeball is like no other!
The fantastic teamwork, is like having a sister or brother,
When the balls come flying you gotta look for cover,

Don't hesitate, take a shot!
Are YOU ready or not?
Mavericks dodgeball is the BEST, full stop. 😁😆

Paul Hewitson - Parent

Both my girls play for mavericks and its an important part of their week. Noting gets in the way of them going to club and its great to say my daughter is a British champion.

Josh Lavender - Coach

I look forward to my coaching session each week. the team are so welcoming and encourage development. I started with no skills or qualifications in dodgeball and i'm not only proud to be a level 2 coach but a mavericks coach.